View Full Version : Help Daemon not work with *.bin and *.cue files

06.04.2003, 18:12
:? I have 2 files *.cue and *.bin in one directory.
When I want to mount this files, I can see only *.cue file, but *.bin he don`t show. And when I choose *.cue file, he give me an error : Unable to mount image. Cue sheet: line 1 - File not accessable.
Can anybody discribe .*cue and *.bin files, what are they means?

Best Regards

06.04.2003, 19:23
:D Peoplz I find my mistake, now all device work property....

07.04.2003, 19:48
I am having this same problem. How did you fix it?

07.04.2003, 19:58
in *.cue file You have shortcut to *.bin file...This two files must be in one directory, check *.cue file. You can repair this file with Notpud ;) and than save...