View Full Version : A big problem with real CD\DVD drive

28.11.2005, 08:05
When I installed the daemontools 4 my real CD\DVD works fine. But when I restart computer I tried to run a DVD disk but my CD\DVD drive can't open it but CD it can read. And when I press in Daemontools option "unmount all drives" my real CD\DVD and all others Virtual CD disappeared. After this the computer can't see CD\DVD even in BIOS. The secondary IDE chanel - none. What I must do? Sorry for my English!

28.11.2005, 18:01
I'm glad you thought to look in the BIOS before posting here. When a drive is not detected in the BIOS that rules out any software problems. I would ensure your power and IDE cables are firmly attached and your primary/slave jumper is appropriately configured.