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07.04.2003, 01:54
Every time I install Daemon Tools I get this error msg.: Error 1324. The folder path 'Program Files' contains an invalid character. I am currently trying to install 3.29 I am running Xp pro no sp1(cause I can't seem to get that to install either) But I do have a bunch of xp updates, some of the same that are included in sp1. I looked through some of the other problems users were having and tried some of the fixes but still the same thing. I am currently using NERO to burn, I once had easy cd creator and deleted it. Please help.

07.04.2003, 01:57
Do you get this with other windows installer setups? Try my daemonscript program (see my signature) and check if it will install.

07.04.2003, 04:29
I downloaded daemonscript, and ran it. daemonscript went to a prepare to install box for like a second, and then nothing. Do you have to have daemon tools installed 1st before you install this program?

07.04.2003, 06:01
a few days ago I tried to install a program called fix-it and it did the same thing, without the error msg. But I installed Imesh today and it worked fine.

09.04.2003, 03:54
I know you guys are super busy with this fourm, I spent the last few hours scrolling through looking for a simular problem. I can't seem to find one. I would like to use your product, Please help. Thankyou.

09.04.2003, 04:19
Please post what HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\ProgramFilesDir says. This key is responsible for returning program files directory and is more than likely corrupt. Make sure it says C:\Program Files

09.04.2003, 06:52
It says: programFilesDir REG_SZ C:\Program Files

09.04.2003, 14:40
Can you delete the value and readd it? It is possible there are 'invisible' characters in the string.

Exactly where are you getting this error? Does it occur before or after you see the folder selection dialog?