View Full Version : What is this forum for?

29.11.2005, 07:48
The forum's titlte says "Burning Software - Everything about Copyprogs like BlindWrite, DiskDump, CloneCD etc."

However, admins keep barking (:D) that we shouldn't ask questions here when we have a problem with a burning prog. :confused:

29.11.2005, 10:43
Can you provide more info, please? Which admin barked and which thread
is meaned?

Yes, this forum is especially for the probs you mentioned, so
I read through the posts but didn't find the barking admin ;)
you mean. (Do you maybe mean NetSoerfers post about
"post in the correct forums"?? In that case please keep in
mind that it's possible that he moved the tread from wrong
forum to this one here). Apart from that, I really don't get
what you mean. However, this forum IS exactly for the specific
reason you mentioned, so if anyone barks here, send me PM
with reference to the thread.
Also keep in mind that it is not directly related to problems, it
is for general discussion - if you experience problems (f.e.
Blindwrite causes your system to crash - then I would indeed
suggest to write to their support, as we are in that case not
only not responsible but also can't solve such problems (or in
best case can offer a workaround) - the problem itself must be
fixed by the producer of that software. In that case we give
possible solution and suggest user to report the problem to
the apropriate forum/helpdesk.

29.11.2005, 11:00
Well, I just happened to read this directly after this and this. Guess the last one is just a moved thread. But since I really did read these threads directly one after another, I got confused.

29.11.2005, 11:07
Well, this is not the support forum for any of the mentioned programs, so in case of trouble with those programs, the related support should be contacted, or their support forum.
Especially if most of the problems were probably answered by their support in their forum already.

29.11.2005, 11:13
I agree with what's said above. If a user has error messages or 'cannot read the disc' or 'reboots while extracting the DPM' or 'cannot uninstall the trial version' kinds of messages-- people in this forum are probably not the experts to ask. But when it comes to using Burning Software in normal or expert situations, this forum should be the place.

29.11.2005, 11:18
OK, point taken. I was just wondering why it sounded like questions of this nature aren't even welcomed here.

29.11.2005, 11:27
While we're on this topic Nikos I just wanted to mention one more thing on my mind.

Sometimes people do like to pretend there is no other software than the newest and latest versions of BlindWrite and Alcohol 120%. If a new user asks about using CloneCD -- we(forum users) could help him/her with what buttons to click and how but I think a lot of the forum users know the new user will later pull out their non-clonecd-compatible next game and post questions. Then everyone who helped that user will be hitting themselves for not just recommending something like Alcohol 120% in the first place.
So, everyone should keep their minds open to programs other than the top 2, but it does get complicated when you worry about helping other forum users to use burning programs that won't solve all their needs.

29.11.2005, 11:53
Understandable. I love to keep mentioning how good Nero is at creating backups of Safedisc and (old) Securom games. But I also mention that there are limitations. It's sort of backing my ass up when the user complains that Securom DVDs don't work... :rolleyes: