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30.11.2005, 15:23
Hi there.
I was wondering where/how DT (4, or for that matter also 3.47) saves its mru.

mru = most recently used (file(s) list).

I notice that (even after a reboot, f.ex.) DT enters the directory where you last opened a file from, OR if the directory does not exist anymore, it puts the complete path into the "File name" field.

Most programs save this kind of information in the windows registry, but i wasnt able to find it anywhere so far.

Either way, Im looking for a way to disable this behaviour. Many programs offer an option for it, and those that don't usually can be helped by making a .reg file that overwrites the mru list in the win registry.
But since DT doesnt have either (as far as I can tell anyway).. pls help :)

thanks in advance.

30.11.2005, 17:37
Are you concerned about people in your family knowing what images you mount?

Can't you just make a batch file that mounts 'acceptable' images when its time to clear the secret last used image file you don't want anyone to know about?

I bet the information is protected from games so don't worry about copy protection software spying on your recently mounted image list.

30.11.2005, 18:59
mmh, thats an interesting idea.. but he thing is, when mounting an image via command line parameter, such as

"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"C:\image2.iso"
the mru does NOT seem to reset to this new image.

In other words, if i do this in order:

1. mount image1.iso (thats the one i want to "hide" ;) )
2. use .bat to mount image2.iso later on
3. dismount image2
4. use gui to open the "mount image" dialogue

it will still go into the directory of image1.cue. (if that directory doesnt exist anymore, it shows the now obsolete path in the file name field)

I'll keep experimenting with this, so thanks for the idea JoelEllison :)

But im also still looking for the answer to my original question ;)


30.11.2005, 20:05
found a solution ;)

its not exactly pretty, but it works, hehe.

i made a .bat that contains the following (and yes, all the killing + restarting seems necessary -_- )

cd "program files\daemon tools"
daemon.exe -unmount 0
pskill daemon.exe
daemon.exe -mount 0,"C:\randomfile"
start daemon.exe
daemon.exe -unmount 0
pskill daemon.exe
start daemon.exe

thanks again for your input *g*

this can be closed, unless someone else is interested in the topic.

01.01.2007, 23:56
Sorry for bringing up an old thread again, but I was wondering if there is a non-batch solution of this. I mean someone wrote this great tool so someone must know where the MRU is saved or how to remove it. I would appreciate any help with this.
Regards, Azzip

02.01.2007, 02:43
DT stores only 1 last mounted image in its "MRU" list.
The list you see in File Open dialog is generated by XP shell itself and not related to DT in general.

02.01.2007, 14:19
Yes sorry, I only meant the one MRU that is saved by DT itself. Is there a non-batch way to remove it? I know how to remove the usual XP-MRU but as wahnsinn stated before, DT does not seem to save its last image information in the registry (at least not in plain text). Thanks in advance, Azzip.

03.01.2007, 09:49
The only way is mount some "crap" as proposed.