View Full Version : Virtual Drives not found

12.04.2003, 17:13
I installed the Deamon-tool on my WinXp. The installation was fine but when i mounted my image or anything for that matter. I can't see the "virtual Drive" in my computer.

12.04.2003, 17:28
If you were able to mount I assume you have at least one drive enabled, right?

Can you check the drive letter (right-click trayicon -> Device -> Device 0 -> Set Device Props) of the device?

It is possible the drive is 'hidden'. Try to manually, type X:\ in address bar (change X: to your virtual drive letter).

13.04.2003, 18:30
why is it hidden? is there a way to make it not hidden cause i can get there only manually

13.04.2003, 19:04
Download power toys for winxp, install tweakui, and it has options to hide/show drives.

14.04.2003, 20:06
Funny thing is that the Drive is already been check that means it should have came up

14.04.2003, 20:13
Omg nevermind i got it