View Full Version : daemon.exe has encountered a problem...

02.12.2005, 09:53
daemon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Does any body else hate this message as much as me?

anyways i try and run daemon tools v4.00 and just get this.. it worked fine up till about 2 hours ago.. have no idea what has gone wrong. have tried uninstalling(the unistaller wont work either so i had to just remove the folder) still same error...

any ideas?

02.12.2005, 12:34
fixed it myself hah

i just went to my computer right clicked the virtual drive and ejected the mounted image.. so if anyone else has this problem hope this helps! ;)

05.12.2005, 04:56
That sounds very strange but I'm glad you solved it.

p.s. Did you want to remove DAEMON Tools completely or keep it installed without any error messages? What version of DAEMON Tools were/are you using?