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13.04.2003, 23:25
I uninstalled Daemom, but my hard drive is still missing 1.5GB amount of space. Can anyone help me to get it back? Thanks.

13.04.2003, 23:33
My do you blame daemon tools. Its installation size is only a few megs.

14.04.2003, 00:42
I am not talking the actually daemon program. I am talking about the amount of disk space allocated from my hard drive for daemon. It takes 1.5GB away from my hard drive for it, and considering that I have a notebook, 1.5GB is a lot!

14.04.2003, 00:59
the amount of disk space allocated from my hard drive for daemon

How did you allocate this disk space? Do you mean space for images?

14.04.2003, 01:35
Yeah, the space for the images.

Intially, my HD has 20 GB of space in C drive.. After I installed Daemon, I have 18.5 GB in C. But now that i've uninstalled daemon, my C still only has 18.5....

14.04.2003, 01:41
Installation daemon tools will only take up a few megs. You must have copied images from somewhere. Perhaps you can try using the find files feature of windows and look for files bigger than say, 400 mg. These will probably be your images.

14.04.2003, 01:51
That's not the problem though. Right now, it says that my total HD space is 18.5 GB, but it should be 20GB. It became 18.5 GB after i installed daemon, so shouldn't I get my 1.5GB back when i uninstall it?

Try checking your HD size. The total HD size is missing 1.5GB with daemon.

14.04.2003, 02:09
OK, here's my stats:

Before: 33,445,380,096
After: 33,449,586,688

Diff: 4,206,592 = 4.0 mg

Something really strange is going on with your computer. Try running scandisk. It's also possible that a system restore point was created and that is what is taking up the space. What is your os?

14.04.2003, 02:47
For me:

Before Daemon:
Total capacity: 20GB
Used: 17GB

After Daemon:
Total Capacity: 18.5GB
Used: 17GB

I am using windows XP home.

14.04.2003, 06:05
First, I recommend running scandisk.

You can also try some more dianogisis:
Click start, type run, enter diskmgmt.msc, click ok.
Click disk management.
In the lower pane, you should see Disk 0. Does it show a single partition, or does it show unused space?

14.04.2003, 06:43
No problems detected by ScanDisk.

Disk management shows two parts in disk 0. One is 47MB for hibernation, and another 18.58 GB for system drive.

14.04.2003, 07:11
This is strange. Windows is acting as if it is missing 1.5 gb from you system. I honestly don't know what could be the problem.

14.04.2003, 08:38
Thanks for your help anyway! :D

14.04.2003, 09:18
Check back once in a while. Maybe someone else on the board has some ideas.

14.04.2003, 09:32
How big is the physical drive space? (or better, please post the exact drive-model)