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14.04.2003, 01:22
How About Adding Safe Disk 2 Emulation

14.04.2003, 01:29
Afaik, normal safedisc emulation works for safedisc2 emulation.

Why do you need safedisc2 emulation anyhow?

14.04.2003, 01:42
I Need safe disk 2 emulation for a game called freelancer.
i tryed the safe disk emulation in daemon tools and it did not work,
but when i burnt the cd with Alcohol 120% with safe disk 2 enabled its cd worked.

14.04.2003, 09:27
The SafeDisk-Emulation IS a unique emulation. It is for Safedisk 1 and Safedisk 2 - Emulation, so it's named simply "Safedisk-Emulation"

What concerns your problem: Did you INSTALL from the Image? Safedisk checks for the drive where the game was installed from!

Try the search-function to gain more knowledge if this causes your problem. Beside this, it's possible that Freelancers Safedisk-protection blacklist Daemon Tools (use search-button to find out more about blacklists).

In the first case, deinstall your game and reinstall from image or use registry-settings (use search-function) to change driveletter. Alternatively you can swap/change simply the driveletters, so that Virtual Drive gets Driveletter from physical drive and vice versa.

in the latter case, there's nothing you can do but to check wich version of Safedisk is used by Freelancer (use the search-function to find out how to find and use protection-scanners). If Daemon Tools is blacklisted by Macrovision (the company that develop Safedisk);
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you can be sure there's soon a new Version of Daemon Tools which will fix the prob.

14.04.2003, 17:47
Freelance is protected by safedisc 2.70.030. Therefore, no blacklists (unless the game was updated).

It is also possible to find the registry entry freelancer uses, and modify it. Saves you from full reinstall if you find it.