View Full Version : DT4 wont emulate StarForce

03.12.2005, 19:09
I've got some backup's of "working" starforce games (tested on other pc's ) (splinter cell CT / Cross Racing Championship 2005)
and i have no IDE optical devices connected on my computer, but when i run the games starforce tells me i have to insert the correct disc...
what am i doing wrong?

OS: win 2003 server SP1
CPU: AMD64 3000+
RAM: 512 DDR400
MOBO: MSI KN8 NForce 4 Ultra

04.12.2005, 03:50
make sure ur disable the Alcohol Virtual Drive
Also you get a correct mds file
Or get the correct CDKEY

04.12.2005, 13:16
DT 4 its a big diception.. it dont work good.. we have to unplog the cables to play some games.. and i cant to that in my labtop.. so DT teem work hard for next DT 5, i am waitng for it.. when will it cans out?.. tks

04.12.2005, 13:29
v5? When it's done ... in a couple of years ...
meanwhile wait for future versions of v4 ... or use your original.

04.12.2005, 13:53
nvm about unplugging cable i use Starforce Nightmare and it works fine


07.12.2005, 05:59
fyi: Starforce Nightmare doesn't work against Starforce 3.5 and 3.6.

07.12.2005, 16:32
fyi: Starforce Nightmare doesn't work against Starforce 3.5 and 3.6.
as i test
SF3.5/6 with DVD
which connect to a IDE CDROM doesn't need to do anything on IDE

07.12.2005, 21:02
it does only work til SF from SF afaik u have to unplug ur IDEs to play the game otherwise it wont work.
have fun!

Nil Einne
08.12.2005, 17:55
So your using 2k3 not 2k3 x64 right?

What OS and mounting utility were these working backups tested with? Were they using the same version of the game (fresh install or any patches?)

08.12.2005, 19:02
protected games with starforce doesn't work with daemon tools 4 if you have a HD ide...it works if you have HD SATA and you use sfnigthmare to disable channel 1 and 2, node etc.. and sfcure v1...have i say a stupid thing?
excuse me for my english... hi!

09.12.2005, 09:00
maybe you had a bad experience with sfnightmare but if you unplug your CD Readers and burners starforce should work just fine (i think all versions of starforce work with DT 4). If you do the hard work to unplug things, your hard disk type doesn't matter

19.12.2005, 23:39
So what about just disabling the IDE controllers in the BIOS? Will that force Starforce to work? I cannot get my backup of Prince of Persia The Two Thrones to run whatsoever.

20.12.2005, 06:04
disabling the IDE channel in the bios would only work with nforce mainboards afaik...

20.12.2005, 07:29
Interesting. I have an nForce 4 Ultra mobo and it still won't run. Ah, well. I shall try the laborious unplugging tonight and see what happens. I might invest in a Plextor USB writer for my Christmas pressie and be done with IDE.