View Full Version : Question on DVD Device

17.11.2002, 20:28
Well I see a DVD device in the Device manager. There are no (!) next to it. The Drive name is:

Generic STEALTH DVD SCSI CdRom Device

And the SCSI Driver is listed as:

ST323DK SCSI Controller

When I check props on the drive there isn't a driver loaded???

Is there one I can download and install?



17.11.2002, 20:37
What is the problem? If you want a dvd-drive, right-click on the daemon tray icon, click virtual dvdrom, and click number of devices, and pick number.

17.11.2002, 21:25
Try to select standard CDROM driver in device manager. It is specified in cdrom.inf supplied with OS.

17.11.2002, 21:46
When I mount the drive I do not get a Drive letter. Nothing shows in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

Then when I go to unmount the image I get an "Unable to Unmount Image. Unit is locked" error.

I saw in a post some had the same issue they installed a DVD-ROM driver and it fixed the problem???



18.11.2002, 06:56
Can't you read what I wrote above?