View Full Version : DT4 - Matrix: Path of Neo Problem

04.12.2005, 20:45
Hi, I have a quick question about this game and I was wondering if anyone has a solution.

I mounted the image and installed the game and everything was fine up to that point. However, when I try to actually load the game, I receive a pop-up telling me to put the game disc in drive D: - which happens to be the drive letter of my physical DVD drive. It's as if the game will not look at my virtual drive (E:) to play the game at all.

One way I have gotten the game to work is by actually going into my device manager and disabling my physical DVD drive (D:)...this way the game has no option, but to go on and check my virtual drive. There has got to be an easier way to get around this.

Anyone have a possible solution? thanks

04.12.2005, 21:21
At the moment the only way is to deactivate your physical drive or using someAntiblacklisting tools like SR7 Burner Loader. Soon DT with the IDE-Jammer will be released and then you can play it without deactivating your drives.

05.12.2005, 09:30
Just so people know when to expect it: There's no release date for the IDE-Jammer.

06.12.2005, 04:54
Try antiblah , it worked for me. I does some reg changes to allow/deny admin rights and then load the game (which it mounted in DT4). Good luck.