View Full Version : Problems installing Daemon 4

04.12.2005, 22:12
Can some body please help me as i am having problems installing daemon tools 4. i currently have Daemon tools v3.33 and am wanting to update to v4. when i try updating it all seems to be extracting ok then i get a message saying "This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) layer on your computer. WARNING - SPTD not compatable with Kernel debuggers" and if i click yes i get an error message and daemon tools dissapeers completly (both versions!)

I read that you must disable all ide drives for it to work, i have disabled the daemon virtual drive but not sure on my IDE drives, if this is the problem how do i do this?


07.12.2005, 03:57
Uninstall v3.33 first. And please tell us the exact error message because EVERYONE gets that warning message. Its the standard SPTD installation message before SPTD starts to be installed.