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05.12.2005, 01:36
If I'm able and willing to unplug all IDE devices from my machine (I have SATA hard drives) are there any additional steps with DT4 that I need to take other than mount, install and play games such as SCCT and Path of Neo? I've been reading through threads on the subjects but there is a lot of conflicting & confusing information. TIA

05.12.2005, 13:53
For Starforce games like SCCT it can work with just deactivating your ide drives with starforce nightmare (sfn) (disable cd, node). For newer Versions of SF (<3.4) you need to unplug your drives and then just mount the image using dt v4 and play.
For Securom 7 (Path of neo), Safedisk 4 games it works with unplugging, too, but that's not required, deactivating with sfn or device manager should work, too. Or some antiblacklisting tools like SD4Hide, SD4 Blocker for Safedisk 4 and SR7 Burner Loader for Securom 7.

05.12.2005, 15:16
Some games may blacklist certain burning programs so just be advised that CloneCD, Alcohol, or BlindWrite could be detected and you could see a copy protection error message from a game.