View Full Version : Problem with Daemon Tools 3.x and 4.00 on Windows XP

05.12.2005, 04:41
I have had Daemon versions 3.23 and 3.47, and after installing either of them it caused my computer to continually reboot and I ended up having to completely purge Daemon Tools from my system in order to get it to boot up successfully. So yesterday I tried installing version 4.00 and wound up with the same result. So once again I've completely purged Daemon from my system. I have Windows XP Pro SP2. Is there any way to successfully install Daemon Tools on Windows XP without causing the computer to keep rebooting?

My System Startup and Recovery settings were set to create a minidump file but I am unable to find it. I also unchecked the automatically reboot setting.

05.12.2005, 09:48
Hm, without minidump just guessing ...
check if you've one of the following files in your Windows\System32\Drivers directory:

05.12.2005, 15:39
prosync1.sys and GearASPIwdm.sys are there, but there's no afs2k.sys

05.12.2005, 19:23
Ok, rename prosync1.sys, reboot, then try to install - if installation works ok, you can probably rename prosync1.sys back without any further problems.