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05.12.2005, 14:09
I have searched and read the FAQ's but I still dont know what the basic steps are to getting a game running on my notebook which doesn't have a built in rom drive.
Do I,
1). Copy the contents of the game to my notebook HD without installing the game.
2). then create an image of the game using alcohol to my hard drive.
3). mount (run) the game using the tray icon, using emulation? or virtual drive? (how do I determine which to use?).
4). To run the game again do i run step 3, or does it create a exe icon thingy.

Thank you

05.12.2005, 19:39
DT is a program to mount images like mdf-mds, ccd-img-sub,iso,cue-bin.....
To create an Image of a copyprotected CD/DVD-Rom use Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite. Just use the Image Making Wizard of Alcohol.
Then you can mount the image into an virtual drive of DT, when it's mounted it's like you've input the original cd into an optical drive but it's virtual. To mount an Image check if one virtual drive is active by right clicking on the DT tray-icon->virtual CD/DVD-Rom->set number of devices...->1drive
This option must be activated if you want have one virtual drive.
Check my computer if a new drive which wasn't there before installation of DT is shown.
Now you can mount an image by right clicking on the tray-icon->virtual CD/DVD-Rom->Device 0 No media->and then mount image. Now you choose the path of the image you've created with Alcohol and open it. Now in my computer there is a cd in the virtual drive. You can handle it now like you've input the original cd.
By right clicking on the tray-icon->virtual CD/DVD-Rom->Device 0 No media->set device parametrs you can schoose the letter of the drive (F:,G:).
The emulation options, expect the rmps, are only required if you have no 1:1 copy of a copyprotected cd in your optical drive. That means an copy which isn't made with a software like Alcohol and the perfect settings for it's copyprotection.
So the Safedisk, Securom and Laserlock emulations are a bit useless, only useful for no 1:1 copy of old Safedisk, Securom and Laserlock protected cd's.