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05.12.2005, 19:00
Hi everyone, i need know how I fix the bug of daemon runing in STANDARD PC, how I can modfy one PC STANDARD in ACPI??:confused:

Thx for all, and sorry for my english i am brazilian :D

06.12.2005, 06:57
I don't know if you can change this windows operating system setting (it might even make your system unstable). Perhaps you could look at your motherboard drivers and install them differently (I'm just guessing). But I don't think anyone has discovered or shared a way to modify this windows setting.

09.12.2005, 02:01
You CAN'T change a standard PC to an ACPI PC under system manager. ACPI compliancy is determined when installing Windows 2000/XP, and it depends on the BIOS supporting it. If your BIOS does support ACPI, it might be incorrectly set-up, however if you simply try to enable ACPI now, Windows will stop loading. Upon install time, Windows setup determines which type of HAL should be running (Standard PC, ACPI Uniprocessor PC, ACPI Multiprocessor PC, etc etc), and builds all it's install based on this HAL.
btw I'm brazilian too.


09.12.2005, 16:56
These links may provide helpful information on changing the HAL between non-ACPI and ACPI supported (these are links to informational documents):

Windows ITPro magazine says you can (maybe):

Microsoft says you can't:

13.12.2005, 02:28
After installing and running DT4 fine for a week or two I ran into unrelated computer issues (crash). I've got my system running again but am having DT problems now. I uninstalled DT but can't reinstall due to Device Error #12 message.

In regards to the ITPro article I go into device manager and under Computer I have BOTH "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" and "Standard PC". Both appear to be working normally (no markings beside them....).

Err is this normal or is it due to my system crash and is now the reason I cann't install DT4 again?

P.S. My Mobo has ACPI enabled....



13.12.2005, 07:19
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