View Full Version : Going from 4.0 to 3.47

07.12.2005, 02:06
Now D-Tools 4.0 basically doesn't work. It doesn't recognize my NFS: Most Wanted Image. That, and that wretched toolbar. Grr.
Alright, while installing, I get this: "Device Error Setup: 25057 (0x61E1), 2 (0x2). Contact Support Personnel."

What now?

08.12.2005, 07:13
If you don't want the toolbar you can uninstall it. Or you could read the install screens more carefully for DT and uncheck the toolbar option if you ever install DT again.

08.12.2005, 16:46
There's no problem with v4 and NFS-MW, it's just the general SCSI blacklist of SD4; check related thread in copy protections forum.
Anyway, if you want to install obsolete version you've to remove sptd.sys first, otherwise you get error 25057 - v4 and earlier versions are not compatible. Check thread about how to remove v4 in common problems and solutions forum, reboot after the procedure.