View Full Version : X64 Recorder Problems

07.12.2005, 20:12
Since I have installed DT 4.0 for x64, my recorders will not show up in any of my recording programs (Ex. Nero and DVD Shrink). Is there anything that DT could have done to make them go away? They still show up in explorer as recorders, but the programs won't show any available recorders.

08.12.2005, 00:44
Remove or temporarily rename WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\sptd.sys then reboot and check if your issue is solved.

The issue with Nero 6.xx will be fixed in the next version of DAEMON Tools.

08.12.2005, 05:26
Which should fix DVD Shrink as well, since DVD Shrink relies on Nero to burn.

09.12.2005, 02:00
Thank you. That fixed my recorder problem. Daemon tools now tells me it needs that file to run. Am I just going to have to wait until the next release?