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17.11.2002, 20:44

Thanks for making this great program! :) I have just one suggestion: It would be cool, if it was possible to right-click on a CUE-file in Explorer and select "Mount image as drive X:" (whatever drives are configured in Deamon-Tools). I have tried to do this myself by messing a bit around with the registry, but I couldn't get it to work...

17.11.2002, 21:34
I suggest you check different 3rd party add-ons for Daemon on our site.

aldo vargas
19.11.2002, 14:59
hi shambler,
Try DAEMount 1.46 (http://www.aldostools.com/daemount.html). It allows to mount the images by double-clicking on the file icon, and the image will be mounted in the first available disc. If all drives are in use, it will use a sequential order (FIFO).

If you wish to mount the image on an specific drive, double-click the image file pressing SHIFT. It will show a dialog to select in which drive you want to mount the image.

06.12.2002, 15:47
I think shell integration would be very good and many users don't know how to use 3rd party software or don't want to because they gear it could break something. So I would ask to maybe make a standart version and a pro version which should include some features like shell integration.

Please tell me the problem. Does the 3rd party software denie this bundling or don't you wan't to do this because of other reasons?
Is it at least considered?

06.12.2002, 16:58
hm, you would have to talk to venom about this (or just wait for him to post a reply).

Personally, i think a good idea would be to have in the installer (or on d-tools first launch);
INSERT INTO `portal_posts_text` VALUES
a list of 3rd party addons, which you could download after installing d-tools. Or maybe something in the tray icon like 'Add new features', similar to icq or something.

07.12.2002, 15:56
We could built in everything - if we had the time!
But the main thing of D-Tools is STILL! to cope new protections and make backup copies of protected CDs/DVDs run!
And there's MORE THAN ENOUGH work to do. Especially at the moment as new protections or new versions seem to come out daily.

08.12.2002, 11:24
Sorry, I don't wanted to say that you don't do enough. You wanted suggestions so I wrote this.

I think the instalation program is made by someone else? If yes could you ask him if he could do something to bundle it with third party tools? I think the nullsoft installer (Winamp) could do this very well

OK, last question: Will you do it if you have more time in the future?

Sorry, swenske, your answer is a bit rude, couldn't you write just good idea, but we have no time to do it becasue of other preferences or something?