View Full Version : request for file format addition :)

19.04.2003, 15:17
Great program!

How about support for .img files (RecordNowMax/Prassi PrimoDVD DVD images)

It is the most popular dvd image format out there


18.05.2003, 19:17
duh ?

16.06.2003, 04:49
i have done a bit of dvd processing, and after processing i create an image file using a freeware program called Imgtools and the file that it creates has the extension .IMG it would be very handy to be able to mount this type of image in daemon tools and test it before burning. in the past i have had to burn to a DVD+RW to check it, which is a bit time consuming considering the amount of data that has to be written.


16.06.2003, 22:25
we take care of the prassi-primo format, but because it's a proprietary format, we need to ask about permission first, it could take some time before we get permission and some time to implement it