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08.12.2005, 01:05
Iґve been trying to run Prince of Persia The two Thronnes with Daemon V4 with no sucess. After the CD check the PC simply reboot, with no blue screen or anything like.

I read somewhere about going to the startup setup page and making sure that Reboot automatically wasnґt selected, well I did that and I believe that it worked, the problem is I never got to do it to work again since then, and I donґt know what Iґve done to make it work!

Iґve disconnected all my IDE cables, my PC doesnґt have raid and my HD is PATA, not SATA.

I really donґt know whatґs going on. I hope some of you guys can help me make it work!

OBS: I read that Zonealarm V6 didnґt work well with Starforce, so I uninstalled it but it didnґt help at all.

If thereґs any information I can give to helpu you find my problem, just ask me!


08.12.2005, 17:23
I think it's an bug in DT4, try using Alcohol 120% or DT 3.47 and SFCure+unplugging your drives.

Download the gui sfcure. Install sfcure, restart machine (unplug drives), maybe download sfdrvup.exe to update sf drivers, mount the image press start at sfcure.
You don't have to install sfcure everytime you want to play, you only need to press start with unplugged drives.