View Full Version : Is it possible to change name or delete account?

Nil Einne
08.12.2005, 19:47
I accidently created my name wrong (should be Einne) but realised after it had been created only :-( Is it possible to either change my name or delete my account?

Hope this is the right forum...

08.12.2005, 22:09
Better so? ;)

12.07.2010, 11:58
Copytrooper, no answer to the question? I would like to know how to do that as well...

12.07.2010, 12:46
Daphoenyx, I think it is very strange to ask someone who answered in this thread 4,5 years ago. Isn't it?
If you want to change your login or delete your account, contact me.

12.07.2010, 13:22
Well no, I don't think it's "very strange". In some websites/forums, they appreciate a lot if you don't open new threads and instead continue a previous one (yes, even if it was 4,5 years old). I'm sorry this wasn't the case.

I did a search but couldn't find a newer topic on this, my bad.

Anyway I'll write you the PM.

12.07.2010, 13:56
Your account has been deleted by your request.