View Full Version : A problem? In the support forum even! WC3 no-cd

08.12.2005, 23:23
Hi there. I'm try to get the Warcraft 3: TFT to run without the CD in the drive. I'm running

Windows XP sp2
Deamon Manager V3.47

I have Daemon Manager Emulation set on Securom.

I've ripped an ISO and a CUE using DDump with Securom dump method, with Advanced Settings FullIndex and NoDetect.

My problem is that when I load the ISO it still asks me for a CD, and when I use the CUE it gives me a "CUE sheet: line 2 - invalid track type" error.

I've used search to see if my problem had already been answered, but they all contained sentances such as "i hav porlebm wht wc3;tft how if ix". I quickly discarded the idea of any of them being helpful.

Does anyone know if I'm doing anything blatently wrong, or if there is anything I need to know?

09.12.2005, 11:28
Please create an image with Alcohol 120%.

09.12.2005, 21:00
Just did, and I made a .MDS using the datatype Securom*NEW .

Now it looks for the CD for 60 seconds, and says there is no cd in the tray.

Edit: Stupid me. I remade the MDS with Securom5. Works like a charm. Thanks alot!