View Full Version : problem installing sptd for DT4

08.12.2005, 23:35
i don't know if this is a DT4 problem or something wrong with my comp.
when i start the DT4 installer and get to the agreament page, i click next and an error message pops up saying something like:

Can not find setupapi.CM_Set_HW_Prof_FlagsA in dynamic link liabary of CFGMGR32.dll

(not exact translated)

after i click ok DT4 installer exits.
i have heard than it is possible to get the SPTDinst.exe from a temp directory but i don't know the exact folder. if anyone knows plz tell me.
I have tried every tip i have seen on this forum and none of them worked. i even reinstalled my OS but it still don't fix the problem. i have tried downloading CFGMGR32.dll (many versions) but it still don't fix it. i have also tried downloading the Setupapi.dll but still no.
plz tell me what else i can do.

My OS: Fresh install of winXP home edition
No previous installs of DT and i don't think theres any other programs that might interfear with DT.