View Full Version : My system freezes after installation of DT4.0

09.12.2005, 17:57

I upgraded DT 3.47 to V 4.0. There were no problems during the installation. However, after rebooting my system freezes as soon DT4.0 is started. The "Please wait..." message comes up and that's it... I can't move my mouse pointer or anything like that. The only thing I can do is pressing the Reset-button on my computer.
I had to run Windows in safe mode in order to uninstall DT4. It was strange that I had to uninstall it manually as I always get the error that no valid installation of DT was detected when I tried to use DT's uninstal.exe.
I followed the instructions of the stickies and reinstalled DT4.0 several times but it all didn't help... :mad:

Would be nice if someone had any suggestions!

BTW: I have Windows 2000 SP4 installed and DT3.47 always worked fine on my system