View Full Version : Computer Crash when installing a game

09.12.2005, 19:47
Hello, I use DT 64 version, im on Windows X64 too. When Im mounting an cd image file, its working perfectly but sometimes during the installation of the program or the game, my computer crash and restart automaticly. I have tryed to uncheck the "Automaticly restart" option, but I don't have bluescreen error... When I burn the image file, I dont have this problem. So, what could be the problems ? An bug with DT on my computer or an hardware problem? Thank you!

16.12.2005, 02:27
Are you using an nForce-based motherboard? There's a known incompatibility with those and Daemon Tools v4. We're currently working on fixing it, an updated version of DTv4 should be released soon.

19.12.2005, 01:18
I have the same exact problem. I am also running x64. I am not able to install certain games. It will go halfway or so(different every time) and just reboot with no error.

19.12.2005, 21:56
I think yes im using a N-force based motherboard. So i'll wait for the next version!