View Full Version : I cant install Daemon V4 :(

10.12.2005, 02:30
When I open the installer, y click next and then the liscent agreegmente appeers, then i click next, and a windows pop up saying "This program will install SCSI Pass Trough Direct (SPTD)
WARNING: SPTD is not compatible with kernel debuggers" then i clikc "OK" the system reboot, and when the windows its starting and the desktop its loading the system reboots itself, ever and ever i reset the computer, i have to chose the option "Last know configuration" to fix it, but without the Daemon Tools... :confused:
Somebody can help me???


16.12.2005, 02:26
Are you using an nForce-based motherboard? There are known incompatibilities with those and Daemon Tools v4, we're working on fixing them. An updated version of DTv4 should be released soon.