View Full Version : Can't play .ISO files.

10.12.2005, 17:07
I just installed Daemon tools for the first time after using DVD Decrypter for the first time. I made some .ISO files from a DVD because I thought it would be possible to play them straight away like from a DVD using Daemon tools. It opens up with the menu to ask which application I want to use to open the disk, but if I choose Windows Media or Real Player, it won't work. I have got a copy of Power DVD but I've lost the serial number to install it. Is this likely to have much to do wit the applications or is it to do with something else? I've tried it with two DVDs I've copied so far and both seemed to rip without any problems.

16.12.2005, 02:32
Can you play DVDs from the original disc?

22.12.2005, 14:42
The original discs are fine yes.

22.12.2005, 19:22
Try a real software DVD player, like WinDVD, PowerDVD, or give VLC Media Player a try.