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22.04.2003, 01:56
Hi !
I'm using Daemon-tools v3.32, the latest one, under Windows XP. When I mount my image, the autorun loads, but when I click "Play", it tells me I need to put in the CD ... I use my Image I created from WinISO. Why won't it work correctly ?

22.04.2003, 02:32
What is the game you tried? WinISO probably won't be able to create a working image. Try alcohol 120, clonecd, or blindwrite.

22.04.2003, 03:03
I tried to make an Image out of my Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction CD ... clonecd and all that stuff ... these can make working Images ?

22.04.2003, 16:37
I made Images using CloneCD, I tried WC III this time, won't work either ... When I made Image using CloneCD I checked the "make cue-sheet" or sumtin option and it game me an WCIII.cue. I mount it to Daemon ... Asks for the CD, I mount with CloneCD clonedrive, won't work ... Note: I also trie to do this with a regular .ccd Image and with a .iso fro WinISO. HELP ME !!!! Plz ! Maybe I'm just doing sumtin wrong, maybe my comp sucks ...

Thx !

Have a nice day !

~ Lonfelk

22.04.2003, 18:52
Diablo 2 and wc3 are protected by securom. Try using alcohol with the securom NEW and securom new 4.8x datatype.

22.04.2003, 20:52
Andareed, can u explain me how to make PERFECT copies with alcohol plz

22.04.2003, 21:19
Diablo2 & WCIII use older SecuROM based on Q-sub-channel-data only, so it should work with CloneCD - but mount the ccd, not the cue-sheet.

22.04.2003, 22:51
what im asking here, is how to make PERFECT game discs from an original disc, lets say i want to burn an EXACT copy of WC III, how would I do that ??? Create an Image then Burn the Image ??? If yes, then, which options should i check in Alcohol 120 % or CloneCD to make it as if it were a newly buyed game ??? For it to work without any crack after it's installed ..

thx !

Have a nice day !

- Lonfelk

22.04.2003, 23:01
In clonecd, make sure you read sub channel data. In alcohol 120, use the securom NEW datatype. You can use the cd copy wizard for both programs.

23.04.2003, 00:24
how can I be sure to read SUB data in CloneCD ??? And do I actually burn the Image ??? After burning, will I need to use DAEMON tools to play the game or I can just insert the CD, wait the autorun, and press 'play' ???

23.04.2003, 03:10
Ok I found the Securom NEW and stuff for Alcohol, but I still need info on what to burn: the CD files or the Image ... and, as I asked before: would I need to use Daemon-tools for it to work after I burned it on CD or will it be like a Brand New Copy !?

PS: Thx guys for helping me out :wink: !

~ Lonfelk

One little precision ... I found u can emulate protections with Alcohol 120%, are these for mounting images on drives and play no CD or are they for using while burning an Image ???

23.04.2003, 10:19
If your writer is able to read and write sub-channel data - and if you donґt play from writer (due to ATIP-check in SecuROM new) - the backups will work like the original cds.
Btw if you have Alcohol installed and didnґt change the emulation option "Ignore Media Type" (i.e. it is still active) you can play from writer, ґcause ATIP check is blocked.

23.04.2003, 23:18
SO, when burning in Alcohol, I should leave "ignore Media trype" active and all will be ok ?

Answer that clearly plz :
-what are the protections emulations for, in Alcohol 120 ??? there's options to emulate all kind of stuff, not only protections, can u plz explain me what are these for and wich ones should I check and for what should i check them (ex: when creating image, check bla bla bla, when burning check bla bla bla ... u get the deal ! Plz tell me !)

23.04.2003, 23:55
other question:

when burning an image in Alcohl 120%, do i need to check "Bypass EFM errors" and "rectify sub-channel data" ???

Heres a résumé, at least answer this one:

- Do I need to run any kind of emulation options of alcohol while burning a CD if I want it to be a 1:1 CD ????