View Full Version : Won't open O_O

08.11.2002, 19:21
I downloaded and installed Daemon-Tools, and I can use the Taskbar icon to mount images, but the program itself will not run!.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

08.11.2002, 19:31
are you able to open any of the files on the image/cdrom in explorer? Can you check what/if you have a drive-letter assigned by going to Device Propertes.

08.11.2002, 19:45
How do I get to device properties?

09.11.2002, 06:34
please be more specific: what image do you try to mount? is image available in stealthdvd??
Device Properties:
Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click the System icon. Click the Device Manager tab.
If you click View Devices By Type, devices are listed by their hardware category or class. The category CD-ROM is what you're looking for. Search for the StealthDVD-Drive(s);
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there you find the assigned drive letters.