View Full Version : Error when I try to install Daemon 347...

11.12.2005, 11:18

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2835. The arguments are: ErrorIcon, ErrorDialog,


EDIT: I have now innstalled Daemon 4.0 and innstalled need for speed most wanted. But, when I play the game, my computer crash and I have to restart it. I got the newest drivers, and this have never happened with me before. The same thing happens with Call of Duty 2 - I think it's something with dameon tools. Someone help?

11.12.2005, 12:50
That message doesn't help. Did you get any error message? Post that complete message incl. complete error code here. Or send daemon.log to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread for analysis.

11.12.2005, 12:55
I have installed it. But now my games crash after 2 minutes... I can't do anything, only the restart button. This happens with Need for speed most wanted and Call of Duty 2. Is there any new update wich removes this error?

It happened again, and I am getting desperate!

13.12.2005, 04:35
Sounds like you may have memory corruption. Go to www.memtest86.com and burn it to cd, or put it on a floppy. Reboot and let it load before windows. Let that run an hour or two, if you see any errors, post back.

If you'd preffer not to reboot and use memtest (I'd recommend memtest over this method), find a program called prime95, install it and run the torture test. If you get errors, post back.

The reason I think its memory corruption is that it sounds like your 3.47 might have become corrupted, and if your system is corrupting files that badly, it could cause a crash under heavy load (ie games).

19.12.2005, 17:44
Perhaps bad video card, sound card, or DirectX drivers?