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11.12.2005, 19:53
So, my brother tooled around with my computer, and he put the RAM in backwards! I got another chip, but even after replacing it I am not even posting. The moniter is still getting nothing in the way of power from the system. What are the possible ways that my computer could have been messed up by this, and what can i do?

11.12.2005, 23:41
what exactly means "put it in backwards"?

He really forced the ram-module to fit in the slot?
(in that case, it is indeed possible that now it is blown!)

Do you not even get some beep-sounds while you turn your
machine on? Does it at least start the hdd and the fans?

12.12.2005, 02:48
how can you put the ram in backwards? it only fits one way. and if what you say is true ad you did somehow manage to put it in backwards then it is more then likely that you mother(main)board is screwed.

02.01.2006, 04:48
At my local computer shop they always have notices in the returns area with pictures of burnt ram telling people that they can't return burnt ram that they put in backwards. I don't believe something of that sort would destroy your motherboard, certainly the memory though. It could also simply be damaged....try spilling sweet tea on your motherboard and see what weird things it does :)

02.01.2006, 11:08
Allready done with my old one and a cup of coffee ^^
But its nothing happen *puh* ;)

09.01.2006, 14:30
Yep, I've seen what happens to memory when it's put in backwards. It will actually burn the contacts off parts of the chip. When that happens, your RAM and your mobo are dead. Occasionally you can get lucky and your mobo may still work, but it's rare and unlikely. While not easy to insert backwards, it is still possible if you're not paying attention over whether it's snapped in all the way or not. I'm afraid you're pretty much out of luck and will have to buy a new board and RAM.

I've actually had customers do that and then try to return the RAM. Even when I point out the proof to them showing them the burnt contacts they refuse to admit they put it in backwards. I actually had a customer flat-out deny that he put it in backwards in spite of the evidence staring him in the face. Now that's some audacity.

09.01.2006, 15:10
Yeah, gotta love those customers...

Customer: "I never used that hard drive!"
Retailer: "There's data on it."
C: "I never used that hard drive!"
R: "It was sealed when I gave it to you."
C: "I never used that hard drive!"
R: "When you bought it, you signed here that it was sealed."
C: "I never used............

10.01.2006, 00:44
Interesting Jito, I didn't think it would completely destroy the motherboard too...but I can certainly understand that.

Spilling liquids is alot different, bad comparison on my part (referring to my previous post).

The Story of the Tea:
For a long time I had the cover of my case off because my processor was overheating and I needed a better heatsink. I always eat and drink there and one day spilt a cup of sweet tea (I live in South Carolina) right into the computer.....it was a horrible sight. The computer immediately cut off as if dead, and I cut off the power and took out everything but the motherboard, putting everything on some surface to dry out. I used a paper towel to soak the liquid out of the case and put a fan on the motherboard for 48 hours. Then I put everything back together and turned it on, spending hours trying to find out what parts were dead. My Radeon X800 Pro, Audigy 2 ZS, and 1 gig of ram were lost (512 mb of that ram would magically start working months later when my friend decided to try it on his computer, and he won't give it back lol).

I just RMA'd everything and it was all replaced (except 512mb of ram). Only problem with the motherboard is a screwed up printer port.

When reconstructing the computer, in my ignorance I put the CMOS battery in backwards, something my friend certainly didn't fail to point out.....

Moral: Don't drink sweet tea next to a computer with its side opened up.

10.01.2006, 02:29
in most cases, the mobo is "braindead" when you put in RAM
backwards. Only in very few cases, only the slot is corrupted
and you can still use it with another slot. Except one
machine, all machines I saw where people installed RAM the
other way around, the mainboard was destroyed - no beep,
no nothing.

What I don't get is why people that obviously don't have the
"skills" to install hardware on their own simple do it and later
complain about it. I can only guess, but I think the exact
same people would not try to install something on their cars,
although they don't know a single bit about it ;)

17.02.2006, 21:57
i have the same problem. i wasn looking when i put in my ram and i put it in backwards(surprised myself) i quickly noticed when i smelled something not exactly burned but like really hot ram chip when i turned my system on. i turned it off and put my ram in normaly.since then my mobo. just beeps (long beep<pause>long beep<pause> non stop) my motherboard seems to work fine i mean its not dead and my ram is 100% good because i have a different computer i put it in. the mobo is a vc19 with 3 slots and no matter wich slot i put it in it just beeps and nothing appears on the screen.
have gefrorce4 mx 4000 in it
pentium 4 1.6Ghz
the 1 stick of ram (512mb) that works in my other pc
nothing else in it

18.02.2006, 00:35
As said Locutus... your mobo seems dead.
If your memory's runnin'... Conclude by yourself.

Edit : the GeForce is on the mobo? If yes, try to use a real video card, just to see if that runs...