View Full Version : BSOD DT4 *and* earlier versions now.

12.12.2005, 21:44
Hi, i realize this issue has been brought up before but i've not been able to find an answer or solution. I recently attempted to upgrade an older version of DT to 4.0, but once i got it running it resulted in an immediate BSOD with a bunch of text that i am unable to read because my PC reboots immediately, i think it has something to do with scsiport.sys but i can't be sure. so i tried getting rid of 4.0 and reinstalling 3.47, but now when i load that after installation i get the same problem!

i really need some help on this matter! if anyone can help me, please leave a message here or at lawine@chello.nl

thanks in advance, i really need some help here.

13.12.2005, 09:37
First, right click on my computer,
Hit "settings" under "startup and recovery",
untick the box marked "automatically restart".

This will make it so your system will just pause indefinately at the blue screen error, allowing you to read everything, specifically the error code, and then we can figure out how to solve your problem.

13.12.2005, 11:05
First of all check thread about BSOD in SCSIPORT.SYS in common problems and solutions forum and report if it helps.