View Full Version : Reboot when starting an SF protected game

12.12.2005, 22:48
Hello there,

I finally managed to get DT4 to work. It installed perfectly fine, and I can play pretty much any game I have a backup of on my HD now.

The thing is though, with my image of GT Legends it automatically reboots my system at the "Checking disk" phase.

My puter doesn't automatically reset when a BSOD occurs, and I don't think I have conflicting drivers at this point.

Anyone got a clue? Or had the same problem and knows a workaround?


13.12.2005, 13:40
I have this problem, too. But only with SCCT. Othe SF Games are working for me with DTv4 (make sure your ide-drives are unplugged). If you can't get it work, use Alcohol or DT 3.47 and SFCure+unplugging your ide-drives.
I think this will be fixed in the next version.