View Full Version : Why dosen't DT4.0 allow option to rename miniport drivers?

12.12.2005, 22:58
I did a format/fresh install of winxp and installed dt4.0 It didn't give me an option to rename the miniport driver. Can I manually rename dtscsi.sys and/or sptd.sys found in system32\drivers? Will dtools recognize the new names and work without problems?

I also did a search for dtools in the registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\D-Tools but there was no such entry there. Why is there no entry pertaining to dtools in the registry, I want to deny permissions for particular emulated software I have but I can't find the entry. Why isn't it there?

13.12.2005, 13:43
In DT 3.47 you can rename the driver during the installation. DTv4 always (at every installation) generates a new driver name in order to brake blacklisting. So no change is required like it could be in DT 3.47.
I don't know if you can manually rename it after the installation.

13.12.2005, 20:15
You can NOT rename the driver files after installation!
There are so few entries in registry to avoid blacklisting, so you obviously don't need to deny any permissions to non existing registry keys.
It'd help if you'd tell us which particular program/game you try - most problems are caused by general SCSI blacklist.

19.12.2005, 00:53
I'm sure the DT staff already knows this by now but the latest SR7 now checks for 'dtscsi' in the SCSI section of the Registry.

The latest patch to Serious Sam 2 does this check. I assume all future SR games and updates will also do this check.

So IMO it would be nice if a rename could be done at install time just like A120 allows. This would preclude the use of things like SR7stop, et. al., to hack the Registry. That is until they key in on some other thing. :mad: