View Full Version : i dont see the search bar

14.12.2005, 16:14
hi i installed the dt4 with the search bar but i dont see anything in my internet explorer or other place.

and i support the idea for donation via paypal or egold i will pay for evry program/game i can use with dm4

tank you for the great program and please still the good work i see in near future vary agressive dvd protection.

15.12.2005, 15:52
hi tanks i resolve the problem now i can see the bar , so tell me is a ppc search engine meabe they dont pay for click in my country anyway i make my search with you bar to suport dt
tanks i recomend evryone to use it

24.03.2006, 18:40
dont tell me you actually want the searchbar?

31.03.2006, 22:59
@ maylat:

Thank you very much for your support, these revenues are very important for us!

We do appreciate you readiness to help us.

Currently we are working along with WhenU to offer a better and more convenient version of DAEMON Tools SearchBar (DTSB2)

(from that SearchBar user will be able to use all the usual features which are present in the regular DT and plus some more additional features)

Therefore we would appreciate here your feedback regarding which features you may want to see in DTSB2.

01.04.2006, 11:47
dont tell me you actually want the searchbar?

Surprising as it might sound to you, there are some people who do wish to support the developement of DT

The consequences are obvious:

Revenue = Developement
No Revenue = No (or very slow) developement

Good decision @Maylat :)