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14.12.2005, 16:46
I have just registered as a member here, and don't know if I can ask questions about games.

I have brought a second-hand copy of need for speed 2 underground from a friend. The game works fine, but I want to protect the dics. As you know the disc will spin continously until you stop playing the game. So, I use Daemon tool to make an image, but soon I noticed something strange.

Sometimes when I was racing, the game suddenly stop and return to the desktop, so I have to press the NFS icon to start the game again.

I wonder if there is an error with the Daemon tool.

Please help if you could!

18.12.2005, 05:16
How did you make the image file (program and settings)? Are you sure this problem doesn't happen if you play from the real disc? What OS and Service Pack are you using? What kind of processor (hyperthreading, dual-core)?