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Football Fan
14.12.2005, 20:39
First, sorry for my english. I had dt4 installed on my system(with sp2) and it worked great without problems but i had to reinstall system and i used another borrowed Win XP with sp2 already on the cd. And now i have dt4 problems too. When i was installing alcohol a window appeared saying that i need to install some kind of scsi controller so i did it(before formating i didn`t have to do that) and alcohol works normal. So i begun to install dt4, instalation finished without problems but system didn`t want to reboot, dt4 started automatically but it couldn`t add virtual drive(freezed at "please wait"). Rebooted system and at the beggining dt4 started and just like with alcohol it started to install some kind of scsi controller but this time the installation freezed and didn`t continue or crash i was just running so i had to reboot and run computer with "last known working config". I know this is popular problem but i think mine is a little bit different from others :) Sorry for so long post and as others would be happy if someone could help or just answer :D greetz