View Full Version : how to get info from daemon tools

14.12.2005, 22:46

i wonder if there is a way to obtain the following inforamation inside a program:
-how many drives are being emulated
-what dtool drive number is mapped to what os dvd drive
-what emulations are on/off
-where is dtools installed to
-is an image mounted to a specific drive

does the daemon.dll export some functions which do this? or are some of these infos stored inside the registry or a file?


21.12.2005, 15:25
id like to enhance luluDaemon(http://schweinerei.dyndns.org) a little bit.
id like to add a context menu to the dvd drives daemon tools is emulating so one can easily mount and unmount images to that drive. therefore i need to know which dvd drives are being emulated by daemon tools.
how can i obtain this information?