View Full Version : BSOD error 0x109 Related to DEP

15.12.2005, 02:44
I am running win xp x64 edition on P4 EM 64 with all the trimmings

Recently (and i think after a recent windows update) I tried running Daemon Tools on ANY CD image and it will work, but randomly through installing or whatever I will get a BSOD stating that malicious code, blah blah....

Please look at this article: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/windowsserver2003/library/BookofSP1/9e18ab61-d4f1-4c71-bade-64ac4d8bfc62.mspx

I think the driver for the CD-Rom emulation is violating this new policy and causing DEP (Data Execution Protection) to react violently with Daemon Tools 4 for x64. Even disabling DEP for Daemon Tools does not work!

Anyone else experiencing something like this?

15.12.2005, 03:27
This issue was reported and will be fixed in next release.

16.12.2005, 00:07
Thanks guys!