View Full Version : Image is Mounted in DT4 But Won't Show Up In My Computer

15.12.2005, 07:40
I've been using DT now for about a month and I feel like I have gotten the gist of it down. For about three weeks now, I have been making backups of all my games because I hate using the real CD's/DVD's because eventually, they will get scratched. When I learned about virtual drives I was pysched. Anyway, I've been using DT4 and Alcohol 120 for about 3 weeks and they have been working great.

Yet, tonight, the strangest thing happened. When I mounted an .mds image, it said it mounted fine, it's showing up in the task bar, yet, in my computer, nothing is showing up, just the Drive Letters. When I click on the virtual drive, it says please insert disk. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I have rebooted by computer about six times now, unistalled DT4, and have even downloaded earlier versions with no results. Any help would be appreciated.

15.12.2005, 22:14
I've had the same problem, with POP T2T, I tryed to load the mini CD image, but with no results, DT loads it but then it doesn't appear in the My Computer folder, the drive is there, but asks for the CD to be inserted or complains about data corruption... I've tryed to load other images and they worked fine... any ideas?

17.12.2005, 06:27
ghostofmccleve- check to see that AIN is turned on.