View Full Version : Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines help

15.12.2005, 14:57
I've noticed that I cannot run my mini-ISO of Bloodlines with version 4.0 of Daemontools. This irks me, as it is my favorite game, and I dislike handling my disks. It runs just fine in version 3.47, however, so I shall continue using that.

My crash file logs report that there is an error in module 'engine.dll', every single time. There is an access violation, apparantly. What causes this?

I'm running Windows XP SP2, P4 3.0, 1.5 Gig RAM, Radeon x700 256 Mb 5.12 Catalyst drivers, onboard sound. I recently used the system restore disk to give myself a clean slate, and downloaded all the Windows Updates that were available.

Is there something I could do about this, or is this something that should be reported as a bug? Thanks for any help that can be given.