View Full Version : Automatic emuation?????

28.04.2003, 10:42
this is more than likely a stupid idea thats been mentioned before...

but watta bout having daemon tools automatically reading the virtual or real drives when an image is mounted or cd inserted, detecting the protection used and either 1 asking the user wether they want the appropiate protection emulation enabled or not, or 2 just enabling it automatically. Maybe even the option to allow the user to say just auto emulate or prompt first so they have a choice of either of the above.

no real purpose to this other than to make life easier.....

28.04.2003, 12:23
Well, if you've made a proper copy you won't need any conventional (i.e. non-RMPS) emulation, and RMPS can safely be left on all the time.

The problem is, how should your drive or Daemon-Tools recognize whether you've just put in a proper copy or one that needs emulation?

By the way, you don't need _any_ kind of emulation for mounting images, for the right emulation will be activated automatically for images.