View Full Version : The Sims Deluxe (Im a noob and dont really get this)

13.05.2003, 03:46
Ok, I made a personal copy of my Sims Deluxe for a family member. Now It installed great but when you try to start the game from the burned copy it doesnt play due to SafeDisk. I read a lot of forums and whatnot and It seems like Deamon Tools is what im looking for but im not sure if im right and i really dont know what im doing...any suggestions?

13.05.2003, 11:40
We need some information to be able to help you:

What CD-RW drive did you use for copying the disc?
Which program did you use? Which settings?

What are your system specs (Operating System, hardware etc.)?

13.05.2003, 12:50
The best way to create always a working copy of safedisc 2 protected game is :

- Select Safedisc emulation in Daemon
- Start the original CD and exit properly
- Create your image with Alcohol120% / CloneCD / Blindwrite ...
- burn your backup (according to your cd writer characteristic select "amplify weak sector" option (or equivallent in the burning software)

* If your cd writer is very good (EFM encoding) it will work in any cd reader alone and, with again safedisc emulation from the cd writer .

* If your cd writer is not very good, you will need always to select safedisc emulation to play it .

For safedisc 2.8 (note the case of "les sims de luxe") and above prefer alcohol120% to create your backup .