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18.11.2002, 11:07
System Windows XP pro
all security pack installed

Burning software: nero, clonecd, cdmate

During installation of daemon tools, some bug restart my pc, but now I have a virtual dvd-cdrom stealth drive installed, but i can use it.

I have reinstalled daeman tool (last version);
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all is clean, but this drive is still in my system.

I try to desactivate it, and then remove it from system ,but that produce security crash in xp.

This drive is not reconize by daemon like a virtual drive.

How can I remove it?

Thanks for your help

18.11.2002, 12:17
If you installed Daemon then uninstall it again and reboot. You should not do any modifcations manually - all virtual drive should disappear.

18.11.2002, 15:01
i will try tonight

thanks for your help

18.11.2002, 17:33
after removing daemon tools, and reboot, the stealth drive is in my pc.

what can i made?

18.11.2002, 18:43
Then go to device manage and remove virtual SCSI controller that you may have from previous version.

19.11.2002, 08:06
As i say you in my first post, removing manually the drive crash the system.

Last night, first i remove daemon v3.23 then reinstall it, but this crash the system.
When I reboot, I have a new stealth drive (2 stealth drive now);
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but daemon was not install, so I reinstall it, and it say me that installation was not complete, and I choose to continu the old installation, and go well.
Then I remove it again, and then the second stealth desappears.

So I think the first time I install daemon and the system crash, the installation was not complete. I think it was v3.19.
But I have remove this version, and install v3.23.
May be the v3.19 is still partially installed, and that why I can't remove it

What can I do

PS Now my cdrom can't read, and I have trouble with INCD, when I eject RWcd that crash the system

19.11.2002, 08:09
remove/disable incd and any other antivrius/firewall software, reboot
then uninstall d-tools (both versions)
remove stealth dvd-rom from device manager
report results here

19.11.2002, 20:08
another crash with this method

I have removed stealth drive reinstalling last system backup in safe mode before daemon tools installation

may be it can help someone in the same case.

thank for your help

21.11.2002, 09:51

I had the stealth drive probem aswell, which was exspecially annoying since it simply replaced an existing network drive.
Trying to remove it via the daemon-manager with disable drives and via the windows explorer always lead to a crash.
Removing via the device manager did work though.

Maybe you misunderstood the suggetsion sboot?
Maybe someone can show you how to access the device manager in XP.

Hope it helps!

21.11.2002, 23:32
I have this problem to !

I'm running under Windows XP Pro SP1 + Nero + CloneCD 4.1.
I've got 2 drives and it even crash at windows startup hardware detection ...

After reboot in safe mode and remove the SCSI driver and Sealth CD/DVD drives, it works fine !

02.12.2002, 00:12
I have tried several virtual CD drives software (VirtualCD, FantomCD & DTools). Each one I encountered reboot troubles !

Where did that bug come ?

04.12.2002, 02:06
If none of these softs work on your PC I strongly suggest you REINSTALL your OS from scratch!!