View Full Version : I can't run SR7stop

17.12.2005, 18:25
I can't run SR7stop because I get a runtime error when I use it.

I tried SD4hide and that worked the first time I tried it. On the second try my system froze. I rebooted and got hung up in the boot screen. I've been here before and I knew it was the DT low level driver causing this. So I booted into safe mode and stopped it from loading.

So at this point I am up and running. I can't uninstall DT4 the normal way so I have to delete in manually. I hope a renistall is all that is needed. I had to jump through hoops the last time this happened to me.

17.12.2005, 20:38
Reinstalled DT4 and all went well. DT4 is functional.

I tried sr7stop 1.2 and I still get the same 'runtime 5' error as I have always gotten. All I can tell is, it renames my A120 name in the SCSI Reg section to somethingBAK. I imagine it does more then this. What else is it supposed to do?

I ran Antiblah thinking it probably does the same thing. Running SS2 this way results in a hard freeze which requires me to reboot. I have to boot into safe mode and bypass the loading of sptd.sys. In this case I made a backup of my registry before I started playing around with SS2 and all I had to do was restore it in safe mode. I was then able to boot into windows normally.

Like I previously mentioned I also tried sd4hide and it also froze my system.

Any thoughts on this?

17.12.2005, 20:44
Have you used Starforce Nightmare in the past? Because it can really mess up your Windows installation and registry when you press the wrong buttons.

17.12.2005, 20:54
Nope. Never usd SFN.

**** Update

deleted the complete SCSI Registry entry (backed it up first, of course) then mounted with DT4. Game ran just fine.

Antiblah does the deny permissions thing on SCSI and MountedDevices. Why I freeze on this is beyond me?