View Full Version : Silent instalation.

18.12.2005, 03:13
Does anybody know, how install daemon tools 4 (especialy for x64) silently?

19.12.2005, 02:35
Silent installation is not supported.

20.12.2005, 10:17
Well, why not?
I would like to incorporate DT4 into my unattended Windows CD, and for that, it would be best to make it silent. With DT3.47 that was possible with the MSI I got after installing, but with DT4 I had the hope that it would become possible directly by the installer.
So, a couple of questions:
a) Will you please build the next version with silent switches?
b) If not a), is it possible to repackage your install to become silent?
c) If b), what could I do to achieve this?
d) If not b), do you have any other ideas how to do it? (integrating it into my unattended cd directly, perhaps?)

Thanks for all you've done already, I like daemon tools very much!
(And if it becomes silently installable, there would be surely more customers, because silent installs would install the search bar silently, too :) )