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16.05.2003, 01:41
new design looks nice.

If you intend to keep the Game Database up-to-date, are you planning to have a way for members to submit new ones directly?

with perhaps with some mechanism (member for X days, ranking system, ...) against 'fake' posts?

16.05.2003, 02:30
Yes, we can add members and allow them to enter new Games into database. Such members should be experienced and trustworthy.

16.05.2003, 07:29
If somebody wants to tell us about a new game's copy protection he can do that by posting the relevant data to the old copy protections thread. We'll gladly add them then.

09.02.2004, 06:58
Hi!how can i use game db????i can download?????or what????

13.02.2004, 04:12
in the left menu-bar on this page you can click on game database.
It's available online only

Click here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/gamedb.php) to try it out!

26.02.2004, 13:13
no i mean:what is for the gb.?can i download there? :?:

26.02.2004, 14:16
It's available online only