View Full Version : Incompatibilities with Paragon CD-ROM Emulator?

18.12.2005, 03:22
Does anyone know if there is any incompatibilities between Daemon-Tools 4.0 and Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 3.0 Network Version?
Even if I uninstall Deamon-Tools, Paragon CD-ROM Emulator does not work anymore.
It seems as if the uninstallation program of Daemon-Tools leaves something in the system that prevents Paragon CD-ROM Emulator to work again.
Unistallation and reinstallation of Paragon's software does not rebuild a workable situation.
Does anyone know what of Daemon-Tools have to be manually unistalled?

18.12.2005, 17:11
Check this thread and report if it helps:

20.12.2005, 07:48
Copytrooper, you have been of immense help.
As soon as the file had been renamed (needed to login with administrator privileges and in safe boot mode; this way the system asked me if I wanted to load the stmp.sys driver and I said no, of course), I was again able to load CD-ROMs with Paragon's CD-ROM Emulator.
Just to know: what is stmp.sys needed for? Is it a driver that Daemon-Tools loads or change for any particular porpouses?
Thank you for your time.

20.12.2005, 08:53
Daemon Tools v4 won't work without sptd.sys.
We'll check the issue.